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Epic Greatness

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Commissions, Kirbains, Prizes, Wonderful Gifts, Trades and such are in this folder.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Random from Honey Bee Inn

Tseng stamps and such

Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti
STAMP: AC - Tseng by sunstroke-artTsengReno stamp by Suigetsu-HouzukiSTAMP: fsl Cid's Revenge by sunstroke-art


VVKiti Fan by Ziggy-Pasta
:iconlaturksplz: :iconlatsengplz: :iconlarenoplz: :iconlarudeplz: :iconlacissneiplz: :iconlaelenaplz: :iconlasephirothshairplz: :iconlagenesisplz: :iconlazackandangealplz: :iconlaflyinggenesisplz: :iconglompingzacklaplz: :icondumbappleplz: :icongenesiswithwingplz: :iconfangirlglompsrenoplz: :icondragoonglompplz: :iconcapeyla: :icongenbullglompplz: :icondumbapplegenesisplz: :iconcidlimitbreakplz: :iconvincent-galianplz: :icontalkingreeveplz: :iconvincent-chaosplz: :icondrunkrufusplz: :iconlaremnantsplz: :iconlacactuarplz: :iconlamogplz: :icontonberrylaplz: :iconlachocoboplz: :iconblackchocoboplz: :icontifa-beatrushplz::iconbouncingnanakiplz::iconherecomesmeteorplz: :iconshinramoleplz: :iconrufusglompfailplz: :iconlacaitsithplz: :iconnanakiplz: :iconcidinteaplz: :iconcaitsmogplz: :iconthankssoy-soyplz: :iconfatchocoboplz: :iconcidchaoskissplz: :iconlachaosplz::icondemonloveplz::iconlasephirothplz::iconlarufusplz::iconlacidplz::iconhojoneedleplz::iconlazackplz::iconlaangealplz: :iconcloudyayzplz::iconsephirothyayzplz::iconcloudinadressplz::iconclackcreephumpplz::iconclackcookieteaseplz::iconbouncykadajplz::iconzackyayzplz::icongenesisteheplz::iconremnantscmeldanseplz::iconhoneybeegirlplz::iconremnantdoublehugplz::iconfairentinespazhugplz:

:iconzackhurr: :iconcloudhurr: :iconzackcameplz: :iconcloudcameplz: :iconsnootygenesisplz: :iconsephirothhurrplz: :icontsengnotimpressedplz: :iconangealnotimpressed: :icongenesisraepfaceplz: :iconrenohurrplz: :iconcloudohjoyplz: :iconvincentohjoyplz: :iconrufushatesitplz: :icongenesishurrplz::icongenesishatesitplz: :icongenesisstudmuffinplz: :iconzackrapeitplz: :iconzackohjoyplz: :icongenesisthinkingplz: :icontsengvnotimpressplz: :icontsengtwitchingplz: :icontsengwthewwplz::icontsenghurrplz::iconangealtwitchingplz::iconcloudheartsitplz::icontifasmugplz: :iconkadajhurrplz: :iconlozhurrplz: :iconyazoohurrplz: :iconangealohjoyplz: :iconangealheartsitplz: :iconangealstudmuffinplz::iconangealwthamiseeinplz: :iconsephirothohjoyplz::iconcloudrapeitplz::iconzackultimateplz::iconcloudlovesyouplz:


:iconspankyunaplz::iconspankt-a-lplz: :iconspankkitiplz: :iconspankjoeyjoplz: :iconspankziggyplz: :iconspankshadowplz: :iconspanksoy-soyplz: :iconspankingangealplz: :iconspankgenplz: :iconspanksephplz: :iconspankzackplz: :iconspankcloudplz: :iconspankkunselplz: :iconspankhojoplz: :iconspanktsengplz: :iconspankrenoplz::iconspankyuffieplz::iconspankcidplz::iconspankvincentplz:



:iconcloudsweetjesusplz::iconraep::iconjollyrancherplz::iconsmartiesplz::iconseymourguadoplz: :iconkermityayplz: :iconrufusraegplz:
:icontonberrywithtoastplz::icongrin--plz::iconglompsomethingplz: :iconlemmeglompyou2plz::icongwomp: :iconlegaspplz::iconfail-glompplz::iconsillycloudplz::iconteamfap::iconstranglebunnyplz::iconbedsexplz::iconrufusfacepalmplz::iconbwavoplz::iconkittycloudplz::icontrololoplz:

Stamps of Utter importance

STAMP: Turk-Animals by sunstroke-art
Gun Shot-Rufus by EnergyDrinkFreakDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artCLACK by birdscribbles

No title works for this box


Contest in the upcoming year? With Nano finished, I figured a No-No-Reno contest would be in order. This can be Reno blowing something up he is not supposed to or a simple prank? Tell me what you think! 

16 deviants said Yes
No deviants said No
No deviants said To narrow of a scope
No deviants said I think...

Double Dutch Date

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 6:48 AM


albedosreqium's Profile Picture
In My Other Life: Soyna
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Dark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-art
PHOTOGRAPHY ACCOUNT :iconrubedoreqium: WORM ACCOUNT :iconlonely-loam:
Now about me!

I am a Final Fantasy 7 Freakazoid but I do fave and love random stuff.

I write odd pairing! I like the "normal pairings" but i also like trying to make Crack pairings work as well, as you can see by my gallery. THAT INCLUDES YAOI, YURI AND HET But you will most likely see a lot of yaoi because it amuses me. If you don't like it you are more than welcome to turn the other cheek, thank you very much! I enjoy pretty much everything... but Yuffie.

Other Locations to find me.
Soyna on
Soy-Soy Spill over on Tumblr
Live Journal - Albedo-soyna
Twitter Feed



Sleepy Characters

I eventually will get a every character drawn either by myself or someone else sleeping... because I want too.
Listed are the ones that I either have in he works or I am commissioning.

FF7 Monster list

1st Ray / 2-Faced / 8 Eye

Acrophies / Adamantaimai / Aero Combatant / Airbuster / Allemange / Ancient Dragon / Aps / Ark Dragon / Armored Golem / Attack Squad

Bad Rap / Bad Rap Sample / Bagnarada / Bahba Velamyu / Bandersnatch / Bandit / Battery Cap / Beachplug / Behemoth / Bizarre Bug / Black Bat / Bloatfloat / Blood Taste / Blue Dragon / Blugu / Bomb /Bottomswell / Boundfat / Brain Pod / Bullmotor

Cactuar / Cactuer/ Capparwire / Captain / Carry Armor / Carry Armor Left Arm / Carry Armor Right Arm / Castanets / Ceasar / Chekhov / Christopher / Chocobo / Chuse Tank / Cokatolis / Corneo's Lackey / Corvette /
Cmd. Grand Horn / Crawler / Crazysaw / Cripshay / Cromwell / Crown Lance / Crysales / Cuahl / Custom Sweeper

Dark Dragon / Dark Nation /Death Claw / Death Dealer / Death Machine / Deenglow / Demons Gate / Desert Sahagin / Devil Ride / Diablo / Diver Nest / Doorbull / Dorky Face / Dragon / Dragon Rider / Dragon Zombie / Dual Horn / Dyne

Eagle Gun / Edgehead / Elfadunk / Elena / Eligor / Emerald Weapon / Epiolnis / Evilhead

Flapbeat / Flower Prong / Formula / Foulander / Frozen Nail /

Gagighandi / Gargoyle / Garuda / Gas Ducter / Ghirofelgo / Ghost / Ghost Ship / Gi Nattak / Gi Spector / Gigas / Gighee / Goblin / Godo / Golem / Gorki / Grand Horn / Grangalan / Grangalan Jr. / Grangalan Jr. Jr. / Grashtrike /
Gremlin / Grenade / Grenade Combatant / Griffin / Grimguard / Grosspanzer Big / Grosspanzer Small A /Grosspanzer Small B /Grosspanzer Mobile / Grunt / Guard Dog

Guard Scorpion / Guard System / Guardian / Gun Carrier

Hammer Blaster / Hard Attacker / Harpy / Headbomber / Head Hunter / Heavy Tank / Hedgehog Pie / Heg / Heli Gunner / Hell House / Hell Rider VR2 / Helletic Hojo / Hippogriff / Ho-Chu / Hojo / Hundred Gunner / Hungry

Ice Golem / Icicle / Ironite / Iron Man

Jamar Armor / Jayjujayme / Jemnezmy / Jenova / Jersey / Joker / Jumping

Kalm Fang / Kelzmelzer / Killbin / Kimara Bug / King Behemoth / Kyuvilduns

Land Worm / Laser Cannon / Lessaloploth / Lifeform Hojo-NA / Levrikon / Lost Number

Machine Gun / Madouge / Magic Pot / Magnade / Malldancer / Mandragora / Manhole / Marine / Marlboro /
Master Tonberry / Materia Keeper / Maximum Kimaira / Midgar Zolom / Mighty Grunt / Mirage / Mono Drive /
Moth Slasher / Motor Ball / Mover / MP / Mu / Mystery Ninja

Needle Kiss / Nerosuferoth / Nibel Wolf

Palmer / Parasite / Pollensalta / Poodler / Poodler Sample / Proto Machinegun / Proud Clod / Prowler

Q. Machine Gun

Rapps / Razor Weed / Red Dragon / Reno / Rilfsak / Rocket Launcher / Roulette Cannon / Ruby Weapon
Rude / Rufus /

Safer*Sephiroth / Sahagin / Schizo (Left) / Schizo (Right) / Scissors (Lower Half) / Scissors (Upper Half) / Scotch /
Screamer / Scrutin Eye / Sculpture / Sea Worm / Search Crown / Senior Grunt / Sephiroth / Serpent / Shadow Maker / Shake / Shred / Skeeskee / Slalom / Slaps / Smogger / Sneaky Step / Snow / SOLDIER:1st / SOLDIER:2nd / SOLDIER:3rd / Sonic Speed / Soul Fire / Special Combatant / Spencer / Spiral / Staniv / Stilva /
Stinger / Submarine Crew / Sweeper / Sword Dance

Tail Vault / Thunderbird / Tonadu / Tonberry / Touch Me / Toxic Frog / Trickplay / Turks / Twin Brain

Ultimate Weapon / Under Lizard / Underwater MP / Unknown / Unknown 2 / Unknown 3

Vagrisk / Valron / Vargid Police / Velcher Task / Vice / Vlakorados

Warning Board / Whole Eater / Wind Wing / Wolfmeister


Yang / Ying

Zemzelett / Zenene / Zolokalter / Zuu

Plot Bunny Box


:bulletblue: Rude/Cid... Enide-Dear wants some manily men.
:bulletblue: Rude/Rufus... gotta relinquish control sometimes. frizzycrls Kinda have outsourced this to SinsofMidnight
:bulletblue: Continuation of "The Day" A blatant smexy smut between Angeal and Genesis.
:bulletblue: A Spanking tale.
:bulletblue: Who else can I pair Cid with??
:bulletblue: Lazard and Sephiroth :o munashiibennu drew a lovely picture of the two. The plot bunny is small though.
:bulletblue: Hollander/Hojo?! :o is there any of that around. Pervert...lupisashes:XD:
:bulletblue: Hojo needs more luv!
:bulletblue: More with Angeal. People like Angeal and I should be nicer to him.
:bulletred: means working on it.
:bulletblue: Don't feed the plotbunny!
:bulletyellow: Edit, edit, edit, edit and edit.
:bulletblack: Ongoing
:star: OUT SOON!!! Hopefully.


Rude has a tight butt.
Fri Aug 29, 2014, 1:01 PM
Snuggle butts
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 3:55 PM
Wark, Wark, Wark, Wark, Wark!
Sat Nov 2, 2013, 9:39 AM
Anything to wark?
Thu Oct 10, 2013, 6:03 PM
Honey Bee Inn
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 8:17 AM
Sat May 25, 2013, 7:17 PM
Thanks for faving!
Sun Apr 21, 2013, 10:07 PM
Working on editing Tease... want to make it available to everyone in pdf form.
Mon Apr 15, 2013, 6:10 AM
:huggle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE! :huggle:
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 1:35 PM
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 1:33 PM


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