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Commissions, Kirbains, Prizes, Wonderful Gifts, Trades and such are in this folder.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Random from Honey Bee Inn

Tseng stamps and such

Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti Tseng loves Soy-soy by VVKiti
STAMP: AC - Tseng by sunstroke-artTsengReno stamp by Suigetsu-HouzukiSTAMP: fsl Cid's Revenge by sunstroke-art


VVKiti Fan by Ziggy-Pasta
:iconlaturksplz: :iconlatsengplz: :iconlarenoplz: :iconlarudeplz: :iconlacissneiplz: :iconlaelenaplz: :iconlasephirothshairplz: :iconlagenesisplz: :iconlazackandangealplz: :iconlaflyinggenesisplz: :iconglompingzacklaplz: :icondumbappleplz: :icongenesiswithwingplz: :iconfangirlglompsrenoplz: :icondragoonglompplz: :iconcapeyla: :icongenbullglompplz: :icondumbapplegenesisplz: :iconcidlimitbreakplz: :iconvincent-galianplz: :icontalkingreeveplz: :iconvincent-chaosplz: :icondrunkrufusplz: :iconlaremnantsplz: :iconlacactuarplz: :iconlamogplz: :icontonberrylaplz: :iconlachocoboplz: :iconblackchocoboplz: :icontifa-beatrushplz::iconbouncingnanakiplz::iconherecomesmeteorplz: :iconshinramoleplz: :iconrufusglompfailplz: :iconlacaitsithplz: :iconnanakiplz: :iconcidinteaplz: :iconcaitsmogplz: :iconthankssoy-soyplz: :iconfatchocoboplz: :iconcidchaoskissplz: :iconlachaosplz::icondemonloveplz::iconlasephirothplz::iconlarufusplz::iconlacidplz::iconhojoneedleplz::iconlazackplz::iconlaangealplz: :iconcloudyayzplz::iconsephirothyayzplz::iconcloudinadressplz::iconclackcreephumpplz::iconclackcookieteaseplz::iconbouncykadajplz::iconzackyayzplz::icongenesisteheplz::iconremnantscmeldanseplz::iconhoneybeegirlplz::iconremnantdoublehugplz::iconfairentinespazhugplz:

:iconzackhurr: :iconcloudhurr: :iconzackcameplz: :iconcloudcameplz: :iconsnootygenesisplz: :iconsephirothhurrplz: :icontsengnotimpressedplz: :iconangealnotimpressed: :icongenesisraepfaceplz: :iconrenohurrplz: :iconcloudohjoyplz: :iconvincentohjoyplz: :iconrufushatesitplz: :icongenesishurrplz::icongenesishatesitplz: :icongenesisstudmuffinplz: :iconzackrapeitplz: :iconzackohjoyplz: :icongenesisthinkingplz: :icontsengvnotimpressplz: :icontsengtwitchingplz: :icontsengwthewwplz::icontsenghurrplz::iconangealtwitchingplz::iconcloudheartsitplz::icontifasmugplz: :iconkadajhurrplz: :iconlozhurrplz: :iconyazoohurrplz: :iconangealohjoyplz: :iconangealheartsitplz: :iconangealstudmuffinplz::iconangealwthamiseeinplz: :iconsephirothohjoyplz::iconcloudrapeitplz::iconzackultimateplz::iconcloudlovesyouplz:


:iconspankyunaplz::iconspankt-a-lplz: :iconspankkitiplz: :iconspankjoeyjoplz: :iconspankziggyplz: :iconspankshadowplz: :iconspanksoy-soyplz: :iconspankingangealplz: :iconspankgenplz: :iconspanksephplz: :iconspankzackplz: :iconspankcloudplz: :iconspankkunselplz: :iconspankhojoplz: :iconspanktsengplz: :iconspankrenoplz::iconspankyuffieplz::iconspankcidplz::iconspankvincentplz:



:iconcloudsweetjesusplz::iconraep::iconjollyrancherplz::iconsmartiesplz::iconseymourguadoplz: :iconkermityayplz: :iconrufusraegplz:
:icontonberrywithtoastplz::icongrin--plz::iconglompsomethingplz: :iconlemmeglompyou2plz::icongwomp: :iconlegaspplz::iconfail-glompplz::iconsillycloudplz::iconteamfap::iconstranglebunnyplz::iconbedsexplz::iconrufusfacepalmplz::iconbwavoplz::iconkittycloudplz::icontrololoplz:

Stamps of Utter importance

STAMP: Turk-Animals by sunstroke-art
Gun Shot-Rufus by EnergyDrinkFreakDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artCLACK by birdscribbles

No title works for this box



Halloween contest 

6 deviants said YES~!
4 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said NO TIME~
2 deviants said Please.
2 deviants said XD
1 deviant said No

Vincent Valentine Halloween Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 7, 2015, 6:33 AM

Tumblr l Twitter l YGallery l l Gallery l LiveJournal

Hello everyone! I decided to run a contest for Halloween!
This is a contest that is centring around Vincent Valentine and his alter egos:
Death Gigas

  1. The fanart must include Vincent Valentine or his alter egos.
  2. Any FF7 character may be included but the focus must be on Vincent.
  3. Written works must be over 1000 words and any art work must be coloured. If the works does not meet this requirement, it will be rejected.
  4. The work can have any rating.
  5. Promotion of the contest is encouraged
  6. No harassing of other entrants. That will result in you being banned from this and future contests

This contest will be hosted on A03, so you will need an AO3  account to enter as I have created an entry folder there. If you need an invite code, drop me a line and I will get you one. If you need help with setting up with A03 I will help you with it. 

Vincent Valentine Halloween Contest

The link above is where they will place your entry. Entries will not be published until the closing date of November 1st, 2015. You may publish it on other sites if you so wish, but it will only be judged if you enter it into the AO3 contest folder.



All entries will receive a small Canadian care package from me. It will consists of stickers, pencils and some temporary tattoos that I have a whole box of. If I have time I may prints some more Shinra key chains just for this contest. (There must be at least 20 entrants for me to print off more)

1st Place:

A FF7 story written by myself. You pick the prompts.
A 18x18 tote bag from Society 6 FF7  

2nd Place:  

A FF7 story written by myself. You prick the prompts.
 A small 8x10 Art Print from Society 6 FF7

3rd Place

A FF7 story written by myself. You pick the prompts.
A 15 oz Mug from Society 6 FF7


Skin and Artwork made by birdscribbles


In My Other Life: Soyna
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Dark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-artDark Nation for albedos by sunstroke-art
PHOTOGRAPHY ACCOUNT :iconrubedoreqium: WORM ACCOUNT :iconlonely-loam:
Now about me!

I am a Final Fantasy 7 Freakazoid but I do fave and love random stuff.

I write odd pairing! I like the "normal pairings" but i also like trying to make Crack pairings work as well, as you can see by my gallery. THAT INCLUDES YAOI, YURI AND HET But you will most likely see a lot of yaoi because it amuses me. If you don't like it you are more than welcome to turn the other cheek, thank you very much! I enjoy pretty much everything... but Yuffie.

Other Locations to find me.
Soyna on
Soy-Soy Spill over on Tumblr
Live Journal - Albedo-soyna
Twitter Feed



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Sleepy Characters

I eventually will get a every character drawn either by myself or someone else sleeping... because I want too.
Listed are the ones that I either have in he works or I am commissioning.

FF7 Monster list

1st Ray / 2-Faced / 8 Eye

Acrophies / Adamantaimai / Aero Combatant / Airbuster / Allemange / Ancient Dragon / Aps / Ark Dragon / Armored Golem / Attack Squad

Bad Rap / Bad Rap Sample / Bagnarada / Bahba Velamyu / Bandersnatch / Bandit / Battery Cap / Beachplug / Behemoth / Bizarre Bug / Black Bat / Bloatfloat / Blood Taste / Blue Dragon / Blugu / Bomb /Bottomswell / Boundfat / Brain Pod / Bullmotor

Cactuar / Cactuer/ Capparwire / Captain / Carry Armor / Carry Armor Left Arm / Carry Armor Right Arm / Castanets / Ceasar / Chekhov / Christopher / Chocobo / Chuse Tank / Cokatolis / Corneo's Lackey / Corvette /
Cmd. Grand Horn / Crawler / Crazysaw / Cripshay / Cromwell / Crown Lance / Crysales / Cuahl / Custom Sweeper

Dark Dragon / Dark Nation /Death Claw / Death Dealer / Death Machine / Deenglow / Demons Gate / Desert Sahagin / Devil Ride / Diablo / Diver Nest / Doorbull / Dorky Face / Dragon / Dragon Rider / Dragon Zombie / Dual Horn / Dyne

Eagle Gun / Edgehead / Elfadunk / Elena / Eligor / Emerald Weapon / Epiolnis / Evilhead

Flapbeat / Flower Prong / Formula / Foulander / Frozen Nail /

Gagighandi / Gargoyle / Garuda / Gas Ducter / Ghirofelgo / Ghost / Ghost Ship / Gi Nattak / Gi Spector / Gigas / Gighee / Goblin / Godo / Golem / Gorki / Grand Horn / Grangalan / Grangalan Jr. / Grangalan Jr. Jr. / Grashtrike /
Gremlin / Grenade / Grenade Combatant / Griffin / Grimguard / Grosspanzer Big / Grosspanzer Small A /Grosspanzer Small B /Grosspanzer Mobile / Grunt / Guard Dog

Guard Scorpion / Guard System / Guardian / Gun Carrier

Hammer Blaster / Hard Attacker / Harpy / Headbomber / Head Hunter / Heavy Tank / Hedgehog Pie / Heg / Heli Gunner / Hell House / Hell Rider VR2 / Helletic Hojo / Hippogriff / Ho-Chu / Hojo / Hundred Gunner / Hungry

Ice Golem / Icicle / Ironite / Iron Man

Jamar Armor / Jayjujayme / Jemnezmy / Jenova / Jersey / Joker / Jumping

Kalm Fang / Kelzmelzer / Killbin / Kimara Bug / King Behemoth / Kyuvilduns

Land Worm / Laser Cannon / Lessaloploth / Lifeform Hojo-NA / Levrikon / Lost Number

Machine Gun / Madouge / Magic Pot / Magnade / Malldancer / Mandragora / Manhole / Marine / Marlboro /
Master Tonberry / Materia Keeper / Maximum Kimaira / Midgar Zolom / Mighty Grunt / Mirage / Mono Drive /
Moth Slasher / Motor Ball / Mover / MP / Mu / Mystery Ninja

Needle Kiss / Nerosuferoth / Nibel Wolf

Palmer / Parasite / Pollensalta / Poodler / Poodler Sample / Proto Machinegun / Proud Clod / Prowler

Q. Machine Gun

Rapps / Razor Weed / Red Dragon / Reno / Rilfsak / Rocket Launcher / Roulette Cannon / Ruby Weapon
Rude / Rufus /

Safer*Sephiroth / Sahagin / Schizo (Left) / Schizo (Right) / Scissors (Lower Half) / Scissors (Upper Half) / Scotch /
Screamer / Scrutin Eye / Sculpture / Sea Worm / Search Crown / Senior Grunt / Sephiroth / Serpent / Shadow Maker / Shake / Shred / Skeeskee / Slalom / Slaps / Smogger / Sneaky Step / Snow / SOLDIER:1st / SOLDIER:2nd / SOLDIER:3rd / Sonic Speed / Soul Fire / Special Combatant / Spencer / Spiral / Staniv / Stilva /
Stinger / Submarine Crew / Sweeper / Sword Dance

Tail Vault / Thunderbird / Tonadu / Tonberry / Touch Me / Toxic Frog / Trickplay / Turks / Twin Brain

Ultimate Weapon / Under Lizard / Underwater MP / Unknown / Unknown 2 / Unknown 3

Vagrisk / Valron / Vargid Police / Velcher Task / Vice / Vlakorados

Warning Board / Whole Eater / Wind Wing / Wolfmeister


Yang / Ying

Zemzelett / Zenene / Zolokalter / Zuu

Plot Bunny Box


:bulletblue: Rude/Cid... Enide-Dear wants some manily men.
:bulletblue: Rude/Rufus... gotta relinquish control sometimes. frizzycrls Kinda have outsourced this to SinsofMidnight
:bulletblue: Continuation of "The Day" A blatant smexy smut between Angeal and Genesis.
:bulletblue: A Spanking tale.
:bulletblue: Who else can I pair Cid with??
:bulletblue: Lazard and Sephiroth :o munashiibennu drew a lovely picture of the two. The plot bunny is small though.
:bulletblue: Hollander/Hojo?! :o is there any of that around. Pervert...lupisashes:XD:
:bulletblue: Hojo needs more luv!
:bulletblue: More with Angeal. People like Angeal and I should be nicer to him.
:bulletred: means working on it.
:bulletblue: Don't feed the plotbunny!
:bulletyellow: Edit, edit, edit, edit and edit.
:bulletblack: Ongoing
:star: OUT SOON!!! Hopefully.


Rude has a tight butt.
Fri Aug 29, 2014, 1:01 PM
Snuggle butts
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 3:55 PM
Wark, Wark, Wark, Wark, Wark!
Sat Nov 2, 2013, 9:39 AM
Anything to wark?
Thu Oct 10, 2013, 6:03 PM
Honey Bee Inn
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 8:17 AM
Sat May 25, 2013, 7:17 PM
Thanks for faving!
Sun Apr 21, 2013, 10:07 PM
Working on editing Tease... want to make it available to everyone in pdf form.
Mon Apr 15, 2013, 6:10 AM
:huggle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE! :huggle:
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 1:35 PM
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 1:33 PM


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Hey there!! =]

Loved you on AdultFanFiction for YEARS<3

Don't know why it took me so long to find you on here, but glad I have :D

You commented on my "Chronicles of Reno's Fun" fic a while back. I started reading your stuff again and it inspired me to write a new chapter after YEARS of not updating hahaa =3

I'll hopefully be posting it on here soon. But anyways so glad I found you on here!! ^-^
albedosreqium Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, good to know.  I think I remember that story.  I am glad that I inspired you to start writing again and I shall have to relook at your works as it has been awhile. 

I do appreciate stalkers.
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